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Amarillo Jobs

Environmental Health & Safety ManagerAmarillo, TX05/20/2015
Process EngineerAmarillo, TX05/19/2015
Quality LeaderAmarillo, TX05/14/2015
HR LeaderAmarillo, TX04/23/2015
Occupational NurseAmarillo, TX04/17/2015
Sr HR Professional\HR GeneralistAmarillo, TX11/24/2014

Recent Job Openings

Process Engineer - Amarillo, TX
Description: Location: Amarillo, Texas - United States PURPOSE OF THE JOB The Process Engineer is responsible for the coordination of communicating customer specifications to the production team, and ensures the end product meets customer needs. This position will focus on initiating and implementing technical improvements, preventing and resolving technical problems, and assessing the capabilities of t...
Quality Leader - Amarillo, TX
Description: Location: Amarillo, Texas - United States . The Quality Manager is accountable to ensure a quality product is being manufactured to meet or exceed our customer expectations. The Quality Manager establishes and maintains accurate process recipes for operations in order to safely produce products that consistently meet codes, specifications, and customer requirements at the lowest cost. The Quality Manager is accountabl...
Environmental Health & Safety Manager - Amarillo, TX
Description: Location: Amarillo, Texas - United States . The Amarillo Environmental, Health and Safety Manager must maintain a leadership presence on the plant floor, influence employees, and engage them in all aspects of safety and environmental processes. This position leads the development, implementation, and evaluation of critical safety and environmental process, programs, and procedures in order to achieve a zero-injury and NOV...

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