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Are you a college student or a recent college graduate interested in an internship or an early career program? At Owens Corning, we know how hard you've worked to excel academically. And because of that, we’re confident you'll be able to hit the ground running in our dynamic work environment. Learning doesn't stop with a degree. That’s why continuous growth and development are part of our culture.


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Our Programs

We offer a variety of opportunities in several functional areas for enrolled students as well as recent recipients of bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees. These programs will make the most of your education and help you launch an exciting career with Owens Corning.

We offer two programs to highly qualified students and graduates:

  • Internships – typically a 12-week program, concentrated at our world headquarters in Toledo, but extending to plants and R&D centers across the U.S. and even internationally
  • Leadership Development Program - rotational program, ranging from 18 months to three years, offered in 12 different functional areas, from marketing and finance to engineering and science & technology

Meet Our Program Participants

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Listen to what our talented development program participants are saying…

  • Alana – "Owens Corning offered the resources of a Fortune 500® and the atmosphere of a small business where you’re able to talk to senior leaders"
  • Saif – "You’re taking on real-life EHS projects that have real impact"
  • Sarah – "Most recently, I was given a team of 15 people to lead through a big, strategic initiative"
  • Nicholas – "While they understand it’s an entry-level role, you’re there to grow quickly"
  • Dr. Richelle – "It’s a rotational program so I wasn’t siloed into one department"

Whether you’re looking for similar experiences in your first job or you’re a more experienced job-seeker, take a few minutes to listen to these Owens Corning employees. They will tell you in their own words how they are “building market-leading business” (our mission) and “making the world a better place” (our purpose).

Photo of Tony


HR development program professional
Delmar, New York, USA

Meet Alana
Photo of Katrina


EHS development program professional
Waxahachie, Texas, USA

Meet Saif
Photo of Kim


Sourcing development program professional
Toledo, Ohio, USA

Meet Sarah
Photo of Bradley


Supply Chain development program professional
Chambery, France

Meet Nicholas
Photo of Margaret

Dr. Richelle

Advanced engineer, R&D
Granville, Ohio, USA

Meet Dr. Richelle

Our Career Areas

Supply Chain Internships and Leadership Development Programsview jobs

Be part of our company's vision here at Owens Corning to maximize service to our customers. In a Supply Chain role, you'll focus on winning with the customer every time as you realize profitable growth. Connecting the dots between all of our processes, you will be establishing a solid foundation of operations acumen, supply chain process expertise, and leadership development to carry you throughout your entire career at Owens Corning.

Positions Available:
Supply Chain Internship
Supply Chain Leadership Program

Finance & Accounting Internships and Leadership Development Programsview jobs

Partnering with our world-class financial team, you'll be challenged to utilize all you know every day as you collaborate with cross-functional teams here at Owens Corning. Your participation in rotational assignments within manufacturing, strategic business units, and finance and accounting operations will empower you to find innovative ways to achieve results while constantly striving for improvement. And it all adds up making an impact on our goals – and yours.

Positions Available:
Finance & Accounting Internship
Finance & Accounting Leadership Program

Information Systems Internships and Leadership Development Programsview jobs

At Owens Corning, our Information Systems department is at the leading edge of change and drives our vision of global growth. By merging Owen Corning's operational processes with a fully integrated technology system, you'll help us redefine the way we do business. Each day, we can provide real-time information accessible worldwide – thanks to the help of dedicated IS professionals like you, who utilize SAP as the core business application to make a powerful difference.

Positions Available:
Information Systems Intern
Information Systems Development Program

Manufacturing Engineering Internships and Leadership Development Programsview jobs

Experience an Owens Corning manufacturing plant, and you'll deepen your technical and leadership abilities as you gain the kind of competitive edge to take your career to new heights. With the mentorship of seasoned professionals, your scope of work encompasses driving out waste, ensuring no one gets injured, increasing employee engagement, and delivering the manufacturing plan through people. New plant-start-ups, global projects, and cross-functional teams are all part of this powerful team.

Positions Available:
Engineering Internship
Manufacturing Leadership Program
Maintenance Manufacturing Leadership Program
Furnace Development Program

Science & Technology Internships and Leadership Development Programsview jobs

Launch your career in a Science & Technology role at Owens Corning while honing your technical expertise, business acumen, and leadership skills alongside over 300 of the best scientists, technologists, and engineers in the industry. You'll be involved in research and development, process innovation, materials research and application, as well as product and solution development. But most of all, your hard work will impact the way people around the world live, work, and play.

Positions Available:
Science & Technology Internship
Science & Technology Development Program

Environmental, Health & Safety Internships and Leadership Development Programsview jobs

At Owens Corning, our commitment to safety and the environment comes through in everything we do - and that's thanks to the hard work of our Environmental Health & Safety professionals. Our belief that all accidents are preventable will guide your work as you ensure a safe working environment for all employees. And you'll also contribute your technical expertise and leadership to continuously reducing our resource use and environmental emissions from our operations.

Positions Available:
Environmental, Health & Safety Internship
Environmental, Health & Safety Leadership Program

Human Resources Internships and Leadership Development Programsview jobs

Launching your career in Human Resources at Owens Corning means empowering our people to do what they do best – improve the way people around the world live, work, and play. You'll learn about how we implement people-related strategies, plans, and tactics that grow our talent and capabilities. By giving our employees the tools they need to succeed, you'll make a tremendous impact as you continue to build your career and deepen your expertise.

Positions Available:
Human Resources Internship
Human Resources Leadership Development Program

Sourcing Internships and Leadership Development Programsview jobs

Global Sourcing's purpose is to create value and mitigate risk to deliver a competitive advantage for Owens Corning. Sourcing manages over $3.5 billion of external spend for the company; builds and maintains strategic relationships with a key, core group of suppliers; and aligns the supply base with the company's commitment to safety and sustainability. All members of our sourcing team work as partners with the other functions within the organization to achieve our operating and strategic goals. You will have the opportunity to gain valuable negotiating, financial, accounting and business knowledge and SAP experience while getting involved in projects that aid in enhancing their business, technical and analytical skills.

Positions Available:
Science & Technology Internship
Science & Technology Development Program

Corporate Communications Internshipsview jobs

As a valued member of the External Affairs team, you are responsible for researching and crafting functional and corporate-based communications and messages to Owens Corning's stakeholders. You will have the opportunity to operate on both a strategic and tactical level to support, prepare and execute compelling communications that drive understanding and engagement, and increase business performance. This opportunity will provide an individual who aspires to pursue a career in communications, journalism and marketing the valuable knowledge and work experience within the communications function and broader enterprise of a global Fortune® 500 leader in Building Materials and Composite Solutions.

Positions Available:
Corporate Communications Internship

Strategic Leadership Development Internships and Leadership Development Programsview jobs

Marketing at Owens Corning is an exciting fast-paced team, focused on delivering business outcomes. Our mission is to build a customer-focused company by connecting market-focused investments to measurable business results. Our team delivers world class business performance by driving sales, business and customer intimacy across the Company.

Positions Available:
Strategic Leadership Internship
Strategic Leadership Development Program

Sales Internships and Leadership Development Programsview jobs

Our sales internship and development program A Sales internship will give you the real world experience needed to achieve your goals. Bring your enthusiasm and ideas to one of our sales teams, and you will be supported with an engaging and dynamic environment that encourages you every step of the way.

Positions Available:
Sales Internship
Sales Development Program

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Top Ranked, Vault 2017 Internships and Quality of Life

The Owens Corning internship program ranked among the top 50 in the U.S. for the second year in a row, according to To compile the 2017 ranking, Vault surveyed 12,000 interns across the U.S., covering quality of life, compensation and benefits, career development, and full-time employment prospects. In types of internships, Owens Corning ranked #6 in engineering and #5 in consumer. Click Here to learn more.